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Vancouver raised and Victoria-based singer/songwriter Jess Perkins’s music has largely been inspired by her adventures to remote corners of the globe with a guitar on her back. She is always eager to share her music wherever her vagabond feet take her. Jess wrote her first song when she was 12 and quickly become fixated on songwriting, taking up the guitar as her instrument of choice to support her. Jess started off her musical journey playing in a few bands, but over the past years has settled into her own solo routine. Her lyrics paint stories that transport listeners to a new world. She writes about raw personal experiences and the magic and hope exploring the world can give you. Her songwriting style and rich vocals have been compared to Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow.


In 2013, Jess Perkins released her first 5 song EP The Back Road. Since then she has spent her time honing her songwriting skills, playing acoustic shows, and building her own acoustic guitars to support her music. Whenever Jess plays live shows, she plays her own hand-built guitars. Making her own guitars has taken Jess’s connection to her music and songwriting even deeper.  Writing music on her own acoustic guitars gives Jess another way to express the mood and style she is hoping to convey, as each guitar has its own tone and resonance that can help shape a song.


It has always been Jess’s dream to record a full-length album, and she always had the idea of making an album that tells a story from start to finish. Keeping this in the back of her mind, her day to day endeavours and wonderful adventures travelling the globe, outlined her songwriting to piece together a story she wanted to put into an album. 


Determined to make this dream a reality, in 2018 Jess spent the summer recording an 11 song album with the help of her musical inspiration and guitar guru uncle and his friend, a producer with a studio at his house. As nothing goes as planned, the album’s producer passed away shortly after Jess recorded her songs and vocals. The album, left unfinished and without a producer, stayed on the backburner as Jess tried to figure out the next steps. Her uncle’s friend decided to take on the project in late 2019. At another turn of events, tragically Jess’s uncle lost his battle with cancer when the album was almost finished in the hands of its new producer. 


This brings us to the present, where Jess’s first full-length album Living Room has come to life, with even more meaning attached to it due to the loss of both her uncle and the album’s original producer. Jess is so grateful for her musical journey thus far and continues to write songs constantly and play acoustic shows hoping her songs touch her listeners. 


Her new album Living Room is available for streaming and downloading now. With her hand-built acoustic guitars and a soulful fierce voice, Jess has a story to tell and is very excited to share it with the world.


Thanks for listening!

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